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Our web development company understands that the website is your most important digital marketing asset

We Create Websites That Rank

Just like a brick and mortar business relies on a beautiful store, you too need a stunning and functional website for your online customers. A professional web developer helps with more than the overall aesthetic of your website. They’ll ensure everything is in place for transactions and other functionality. And they can even ensure that your website runs faster.

All in all, with the help of a professional web developer, you’ll have a functional website that provides an amazing brand experience for your customers.

But we go one step further. We merge Web Development and Technical SEO which enables us to create you a website that ranks. And increases your sales!

Here at Fat Fish Marketing, we are the experts on developing websites for SEO, meaning that all of your future SEO efforts can stand on solid foundations and launch to incredible heights.

Although we have experience in building directory websites, media websites and websites for B2B clients, we primarily specialize in eCommerce web design and development. Through optimal design, your eCommerce store can delight your customers through impeccable user experience. A fast, beautifully functioning site can also do wonders for eCommerce SEO.

Web Development Services

Building Custom Websites

With platforms like Squarespace, Shopify and WordPress, it’s easy to create your own website. You might have considered skipping a web developer and doing it yourself. This might seems like a good idea. But unfortunately, many have the same idea.

There are some popular marketplaces out there selling pre-designed themes. The outcome of buying from these sites? A website that looks exactly like your competitors. You wouldn’t choose a one-size-fits-all store design. So why do the same for your website? A good web developer will build a custom website that’s completely unique to your own business needs.

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Our Web Development Services

Website Architecture

We are able to develop websites to suit every need; from blogs to complex eCommerce websites to international business websites, and will build an efficient, navigable and intelligently coded site architecture to match. We make it our priority to understand your website needs thoroughly so that we can deliver a website that suits your needs now and will scale with you in the future.

Responsive Web Design

Your website will be viewed on different devices, from smartphones to tablets, and PCs. It’s essential that the experience is consistent across every one. With our responsive web design service, we’ll optimise your website so that it adjusts its design depending on what device it’s being accessed from.

We’ll consider the whole web design to ensure that it’s mobile-friendly. That means no tiny text that doesn’t read well on a mobile screen or tiny buttons that are difficult to click. The mobile experience will flow just as well as the desktop experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting visitors to your website is great. But it doesn’t mean much if they don’t buy anything. Our conversion rate optimization services (CRO) provide a full analysis of your current web design to determine where there’s room for improvement.

Imagine if your website’s “add to basket” didn’t work. This would be a problem with your web design that affects your conversion rate. There could be small and subtle blockades across your website that are preventing customers to take your intended action. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation services will identify them, fix them and ensure your web design is helping you meet your goals.

User Experience

User experience design, or UX, is a human-first approach to design that considers all the interactions between a customer and your digital asset. Our UX designers can assist you with web design, app development, and more. Our designers consider what the user instinctively wants to do and how they are going to achieve that. They then create apps or websites which are simple, easy, and intuitive to use.

UX design is a key part of customer satisfaction. However, it’s something many people don’t think about. Our UX designers will think about it for you.

User Interface

After your UX strategy has been developed, you’ll need to ensure the customer touchpoints are perfect. Experts from our web development company will create the whole interface of your website so it looks, feels, and can be interacted with in the most visually appealing way. Some hallmarks of UI design are icon and button design, font design & colours, spacing, and more.

Search Engine Friendly

The longer it takes search engines to crawl your website and index it can result in the loss of traffic and potential customers. We can build your website in a way that will seamlessly and efficiently guide search engines through your website, making it easy for them to understand what your content is about and who it is relevant for. We provide the highest quality, SEO friendly web development and design for eCommerce, international markets, WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify websites and more.

WordPress Website Development

You’ve probably considered using WordPress as your web platform, and for good reason. It’s unrivaled in terms of support and functionality. Our web designers will create a custom WordPress design that stands out among the rest. Choose whether to have a completely customised website unique to your own brand. Or let us use a base theme and customise it to your taste.

We can also choose the correct plugins to use with your website and develop plugins specific to your specific needs. Pairing your WordPress website with an app? With our API integration services, all data will be linked seamlessly between your website and app.

Shopify Website Development

Shopify is a fantastic place to run an eCommerse business. And a gorgeously designed website that’s on-brand can make or break your customer’s experience. A customised Shopify website is essential for Shopify store owners who want to stand out from the competition.

Our Shopify web designers create custom designs that are focused on conversion. All designs capture the brand image beautifully. Our team of Shopify SEO experts can handle every side of your Shopify marketing journey. Just get in touch to create a custom package.

Page Speed Optimisation

Internet surfers expect fast loading times and uninterrupted connections wherever they go. Make sure that your website meets these expectations with design that is efficient and effective and requires less data to load. We make page speed optimisation part of our web development strategy from the get-go, ensuring that the very structure of your website is built for fast loading speeds and optimising your search engine crawl budget.

Web Development FAQs

A website can make or break a business. We live in the age of the internet. An online presence is a must have. Your website is the face of your business online so its vital that you have a user friendly, high functioning website if you want to stay competitive and relevant.

Increase your conversion rate, decrease your bounce rate.

The experience that you offer visitors to your website is going to impact their impression of your business and impact number of visitors you convert to customers. Making a good impression can mean they’ll stay on your website for longer, learning more about your business. A bad impression might mean that they bounce straight off your page and into the arms of your competitors, washing all your traffic-building, digital marketing efforts down the drain.

Good web design can have multi-faceted impacts; ensuring steady growth, keeping leads on your page, gaining a competitive edge and maximising the ROI of your digital marketing budget.

How do we ensure that?

We design user friendly, functionally rich SEO- optimised websites that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We have an eye for detail and will work with you to make sure that your website is just what you are looking for, down to the smallest adjustments. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

A custom design can help you stand out among your competitors and create a strong brand impression. We’ll discuss whether a custom design or custom theme is more suitable for you on our discovery call.

UX is the experience that visitors have when they visit your app or website. The UI is the actual touchpoints that they interact with when using your website. UI is a big part of UX.

After chatting on a discovery call, we work out what you want and create various concepts. Once we’ve decided on one that you like, we then do a mockup and continuously take on your feedback until we have a design you love. After that, we sort out the techie bits on our side until it’s ready to launch.

Of course! Our web development team can design a new website for you while your current website is live.

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