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Close the Gap Between Strategy and Analytics

Every online business can benefit from our SEO consulting service. Whatever industry you’re in, consulting clears the way for optimal success. When you’re a busy business owner or new to the business game, you can become overwhelmed with knowing the best move to make. Consulting takes on your concerns and goals to produce a winning strategy with the quickest route to success.

SEO consultancy services exist to help online store owners who want to transform their brand in every area. A talented consultant will overhaul your strategy, help you reach your goals and keep you relevant.

We help you stand out amongst the loud noise of the internet and reach your ideal customers. More and more businesses are taking their products to the internet daily, making it harder for brands to be seen. Unless they have the right strategy. You need to know what works for your market to take the next winning move for optimal growth.

Customers and clients are the bottom lines. And consultants cut right to the chase when plotting the perfect marketing strategy. A consultant will help you target your customer in ways like never before. They’re wizards at utilising data and researching your market to bring you optimal results. You’ll find out your customers’ pain points and be able to offer them real solutions. By helping them, you help your business net real profits.

SEO is a fast-paced and dynamic area of expertise. It can be a full – time job just keeping up with the latest changes – we know that for sure! That is why we have dedicated the past ten years to building extensive experience and why we continue to improve our industry knowledge on a daily basis – making it our full time job to stay ahead of SEO developments so you don’t have to.

We know that the internet is often saturated with competitor websites, and you may be scratching your head wondering why your search marketing campaign isn’t achieving the reach it was supposed to. That’s where SEO consulting comes in. We will apply our expert eye for SEO to your specific case so we can figure out together what you’re already doing right, what can be improved and where we need to focus our efforts going forward.

SEO Consulting Services

Professional. Data-Driven. Results Focused.

A consultant will transform your website by using a full web audit. Everyone knows that low visibility is deadly for online businesses. So, the last thing your business needs is a poor ranking on Google. Let a consultant have a digital dig around and find ways to boost your visibility. This is one of the main keys to online success.

You might have a kick-ass product or service, but if you have terrible SEO, you’re not going to have much luck making profit. Consulting is a way for your business to receive a thorough audit, inspecting website page optimisation for a boost on Google searches.

An experienced consultant will take on your brand’s needs to create a bespoke recipe for success. Everything is crystal clear following a consulting appointment. You get a powerful plan of action in areas like budget optimisation, customer data analysis and SEO strategy with straightforward plans to meet your unique business goals.

Whether you’re a new business or have been building a brand for years, a consultation with one of our search experts will lead you outside of your comfort zone for ultimate elevation.

Our Clients

Our SEO Consulting Services

Strategy, Planning and Solutions

Whether we meet face to face or remotely, we can get down to the nitty-gritty. We are specialists in providing our clients with best-in-class digital strategy advice, in particular relating to eCommerce. Our talented consulting team will work with you to figure out objectives for long-lasting success. We are WooCommerce and Shopify Experts so will have your store growing in no time. We assist you in detailing your areas of concern and help you execute for measurable results. Maximise your business strategy by hiring Fat Fish Marketing to gain momentum and rise to the top.

We can work closely with you to develop a research driven SEO strategy that is uniquely tailored to your business goals. Achieve your desired results with targeted, data-driven solutions based on your target market, industry and budget.

SEO Audit

Is your SEO strategy producing the desired results? Do you want a higher ROI or do you wonder if your SEO efforts are having an impact? We will analyse, assess and audit your website’s SEO to bring you clarity on where you stand and what your next steps forward should be.

Research and Analytics

Don’t base your growth targets on instincts. Working with us you can be sure that our solutions are research based and data-driven and are tailored to you and your business. With years of professional experience, we know that this is the best way ensure your SEO efforts are producing positive results.

Project Management

Hiring a professional to manage your projects is crucial for the smooth running of any digital business. This is where Fat Fish Marketing comes in. Our knowledgeable experts will be proactive in managing your online projects to hit targets and drive quality results.

SEO Consulting FAQs

SEO consultants typically provide you with the strategy and actionable steps needed to take your SEO to the next level. We would seek to understand what your goals and objectives are as a company, and in regard to SEO. We would then conduct what is know as an SEO audit on your website to understand the starting point and go from there. 

It’s very rare that an SEO consultant would not offer a full SEO site audit as the first port of call. However, on many occasions experts do not explain the findings of the report and leave their customers with a lot of problems pointed out but not an explanation of how to fix them.

However, we like to use the SEO audit as an opportunity to not only point out issues with your current website’s SEO, but also how to fix these issues. That means that you can be armed with the tools to do something about your SEO from the get go.

From there, we would advise you on which are the prirority tasks to tackle first, and which will have the greatest impact on your SEO. We can, of course, complete these tasks for you if you so wish. 

It can also be very helpful to have something known as a keyword report. We find that providing clients with this document allows them to understand exactly how they should be optimizing each page to rank for a particular search term.  

Ask around! That’s right, the number one way to find a good SEO consultant is that simple. Speak to others within your professional network who rank highly in search engine results pages. Ask if they use an external team to help them and, if so, whether you can have their details. This is definitely a better option than relying on third party websites. You may have noticed that there are hundreds of SEO consultants and other digital marketing agencies on websites such as and, guess what, all of the reviews are AMAZING! Five stars! Transformed my business! This simply can’t be true, and makes it difficult to gauge who to go with. 

If you don’t have access to a network and are relying on third party sites, there are several things you can do to verify those incredible reviews. One of which is to get in touch with some of the people who have left testimonials. Pick a couple of smaller businesses that left those reviews and call them up. See what they really have to say. It may be that an agency asked them for a review during their time working with them, making it a bit uncomfortable if they left a completely honest review!

If you find an agency or consultancy you like the look of, you should be able to book a free consultation with them. Don’t feel under any obligation to go with them if you leave less than impressed. Also, a key thing to remember, if these consultants are charging a very low fee, then they are almost definitely not going to be value for money. They are simply not going to revolutionize the SEO of your business. So many large agencies make their money from these kinds of businesses, which will provide you with standard reports and only a few hours of basic work every month. What’s more, they are most likely going to put their most junior people on these projects, so its best to avoid if you’re not going to pay them the big bucks. 

If you like the sound of us, Fat Fish Marketing as a potential client, you can arrange an initial FREE consultation via our contact form at the bottom of this page. No pressure, just let us understand a bit about your business and then we can see if there’s the possibility to work together. 

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