Website creation with a difference. Fatfish Marketing is based in County Down, Northern Ireland. A place very much still back in the past when it comes to online marketing. Unlike most of the USA and larger businesses Northern Ireland is still to realise that coders are not digital marketers.

“The biggest problem in marketing in the tech world today is that too many marketers do not know the first thing about marketing. Digital marketers…have fallen into an echo chamber of meaningless buzzwords.”

Samuel Scott, Tech Crunch, April 2016

WHY did this happen?

  1. Online Marketing recruitment has placed more value on technical knowledge.Classic executives have been replaced by digital HTML/coding experts, traditional skills not prevalent.
  2. New digital marketing experts can hide poor performance (or worse buy the results) using buzz terms, blaming PPC and the constant use of technical jargon to hide poor performance and no one in management feels comfortable enough to confront the experts.
  3. The focus has moved from the traditional focus to instead meeting technical targets and algorithms. The targeting of analyzed keywords regardless of consumer intent. A focus on the science and forgetting the customer. Customer sites must once again be built for them not the tech dept.

Website Creation Services Northern Ireland

Why Fat Fish Marketing Make Sites Better

Fat Fish Marketing is fresh and it is new. We are made up of young like minded techy people who are Marketers. We do not just serve Northern Ireland we server the world. We beleive Marketing professionals of 2016 must be competent technically, familiar with technical terms and comfortable enough with industry created buzz words to confront the findings of IT professionals. To once more allow Marketing to be supported by IT rather then guided by it.

We are digital marketers but being so modern we are more than willing to help you make a website. Unlike web design companies we wont over charge you through the teeth. We have websites that come fully integrated with Google Analytics & Webmater tools, have all their on page and technical SEO done, that come with a website health report and whats even better. Unlike traditional website companies that just sign you off. We come back to you a month after the completion with recomendations after analysing for you where you can make more potential business.

A website is more than just a business card… Contact us today for a proposal

* We are so confident with our skills and have a track record we can show to prove it. That from time to time, if have a great idea we are willing to get on board with you for agreements such as revenue share on growth and other things along these lines. So if you think you have a great idea, feel free to let us know.

** Fat Fish Marketing is based in Northern Ireland but funnily enough we did not start with Northern Irish Website Services & Digital Marketing . We started globaly with companys floating on the stock exchanges. So not matter what the job whether your a global business, a small Northern Irish business, or an Irish business wanting to go global we can help.