Fat Fish Marketing are Digital Marketing Consultants and with the world Consultant we want to provide your poffesional information to help guide you. One of the ways we can do this is with an on site day in a one to one lesson, a small class or even if required a talk. We are happy to visit anywhere within Ireland.

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Se also provide SEO Services in Ireland and SEO Services in Northen Ireland.

What will I learn with SEO Training ?

The course will cover all of the basics taught to a depth and at a speed that suits the student. The topics covered will be

1: intro course to SEO
SEO Training Ireland2: On-Page SEO Best Practice
3: Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
4: Web Design & Architecture for SEO
5: Website Optimisation & Search Engine Best Practices
6: What is Link-Building and how to do it
7: Local SEO Course for local business
8: SEO Site Audits for checking your websites health
9: How to stay on top of Seach Engine Algorithm Updates
10: Effective Conversion of your orgni traffic gains
11: How to track your Search Engine Optimisation progress
12: A look at your business or dreams and what needs to be done
13: Good SEO Tools that suit your needs

How do you deliver your SEO Training in Ireland ?

Seo training IrelandWe will do the SEO Training at a place that suits you. Usually this is on site and commonly it is on a one to one or one to two basis. We also can send someone to do a talk to your team or development team to make sure they are on top of what is modern. Even if you are a group of people wishing to start in business and want some tips this can be done.

Depending on the amount of people being taught will of course impact the level of detail gone into on the given day. No matter what though we are sure it will be an eye opening day that will leave you feeling in control and excited.

How much does SEO Training Cost and how long does it last?

Cost varys but usually for a full day including travel costs no matter the size of class usually comes to £549.00 . This may seem like much but is a small investment for what will be gained in the long run. You are getting training by fully qualified and experienced SEO experts supported by a very strong career and result history.

If you wish to book please let us know by using our contact form

If you feel like you want to see how much SEO can help your business first get a free analysis of your website . You can also get your business into a poisiton in which it is easy to start we also provide SEO Services in Ireland and SEO in Northen Ireland.

We look forward to seeing you! Fat Fish Marketing your experts for SEO Ireland