SEO Northern Ireland done by Fat Fish Marketing. A global business based in Northern Ireland. SEO Northern Ireland : Although we offer SEO on a global basis we have a passion for home. We have SEO experts who have spoken for Digital NI 2020 , appeared on BBC Radio Ulster as E-Commerce Experts and done so well in their area of work that they have hardly got to touch home. These experts work with global businesses which are floating publicly on the stock market as well as other large digital marketing firms.

Why we bring you SEO Northern Ireland ?

We love our home, although our team has travelled all over. In the end: home is where the heart is! This is why we have started SEO Northern Ireland. Our home effort to make Northern Ireland go Digital. We want to see Ireland do well. We will offer you the best service you can get in the country with fresh minds and a proven track record that we can show. We will be happy to drive more traffic to your website. We will never use the words “number 1 on Google” we will always only focus on “more search engine traffic”. We are a real SEO Agency not a website developer.  SEO is more than getting search engine traffic.  It is also about converting it.

More than just Search Engine Optimisation in NI

SEO Northern IrelandYes that’s right, SEO has been dubbed as dead by some. Now although it is a headline repeated a lot we follow the reasoning of it. You need to do more than just be “first page on Google”. You need to have a website with a purpose. It needs to be a website that  provides information to the people of Northern Ireland to draw them in. Knowing their original intentions and giving them what they expect to see plus more. With Fat Fish Marketing we do it all. Although it comes with a Search Engine Optimisation tag. We will make sure to analyse your website , provide you with recommendations, make sure you do not miss any great opportunity’s and essentially become your go to guys for business growth. All right here in Northern Ireland.

SEO Belfast and beyond

We are happy to meet you anywhere in the country we do SEO in Belfast , Ireland and all around the globe. We do not have an office but you can visit us if you wish just get in touch. Our team works mainly from homes in Northern Ireland. Why? Because we do not want you to have to pay those over heads. Plus we like our homes … naturally. Being a business that is all about online, we know how to make our office virtual. We do not need to make ourselves out to be anything great using fancy offices, we have our results to show. We only have great self-driven Digital Marketers that can give you what you need. As a funny way to look at it, when people go to IKEA they love the food. Why? Because for what you get it’s cheap. How do they do it? They cut their overheads. We do the same, if it does not give you any value we do not want it to be added to your bill.

It is time for Northern Ireland to go digital

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Other SEO NI FAQ’s

If  you need any more information you can always contact us about any SEO Northern Ireland questions by clicking our fish above. Otherwise we will put some questions we are asked that are general below as they come in case they answer your SEO Northern Ireland Question!

Can you do SEO only for Northern Ireland ?

SEO can be done on any level. If you want to market yourself online to only Northern Ireland this can be done using local SEO. This can be SEO for Belfast, SEO for County Down, SEO for Antrim. Either way we can help you get found and located.

What is Black Hat SEO and do you do it?

When we do Northern Ireland SEO we do not touch anything black hat. We are a proud Northern Ireland SEO Company that has a track record of amazing results that can be shown upon request. We ate backed up with examples of the techniques used to gain results on a global level. Although a lot of Northern Ireland SEO Agencys have turned to black hat this is mainly as a lot of them are web developers as their main focus and have fallen behind. At Fat Fish we remain on of the only Northern Ireland SEO companies to be Digital Marketers  by profession. Comparable to the Spartans vs the Arcadians. They are web developers by profession providing Digital Marketing. We are Digital Marketers by profession.

Want SEO Northern Ireland but  also want to sell more in the South of Ireland, can you help?

Of course we are very good at this, we can use a combination of local SEO for NI helping you get seen by those near to you followed by SEO done to target the Republic of Ireland. This in turn gets you seen by the entire Island of Ireland. Just in case SEO Northern Ireland is not enough.

Can you help my business go global?

Of course we can, we have done this several times. Fat Fish Marketing did not start with Northern Ireland SEO at all. We gained our experience working 70 hour weeks growing small nation wide e-commerce sites grow into large company’s selling in over 15 different destinations around the world including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France and more. If you have a good idea or have a fast growing business we can help you reach your potential. In some cases we can even work out deals with revenue share on Search Engine sales etc to make sure you get to where you deserve to be. Even if your short on Capital.