Making the curious into customers

Most marketing companies should be able to get traffic to your site easily. However, few focus on what happens to your traffic once they reach you. You can have a site and have it SEO optimized or loaded with PPC traffic etc. to a point in which you have 3000 visitors a month but then only get 100 sales from them. Conversion Rate Optimisation is the buzzword for the practice of increasing that conversion figure. This is called the Conversion Rate which is usually seen as a %. The standard rate on the market is 2% for an e-commerce site.  This is something that is often unknown or overlooked but it is essential. It is something designers and web developers cannot grasp.

 Conversion Rate Optimisation | It is how you improve

Improving your conversion rate so that your 3000 website visitors can become 105 sales, then 110, then 115…etc through analyzed and measured improvements made over time using expert tools, A/B testing and click stream analysis is the way. Fat Fish Marketing were founded on this.  We do not only “make you first page on google” – A phrase we hate. We use our expert SEO knowledge to create increasing website traffic. We then use these skills to make sure the right pages rank for the right words. So you acquire your customers you know you are giving them what they are looking for. Landing on the home page is not always ideal. We are experts at this. Let us help you to improve your conversion rate in order to grow your sales month after month.  Is that not what you wanted a website for? A website should never be left to be a glorified business card or looked at going steady. We are in a digital age in which every web store that sells is able to grow.

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Fat Fish Marketing only limits when it comes to Conversion Rate Optimisation is that the website must be in English or German.

As we are based there and we like to build our local community we also have special rates for Conversion Rate Optimisation in Northern Ireland and ROI